Sheboygan Animal Removal is a growing business serving all of Sheboygan, northern Ozaukee, and eastern Fond du Lac counties. We are state licensed trappers with the knowledge and tools to solve your nuisance animal problems. We will provide you with Safe, Quick, and Humane removal of all fur bearer species which include: Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums, Muskrats, Mink, Red Fox, and Coyote. We can also remove woodchucks although they are not a fur bearer by definition.

These animals require careful attention. Please call us immediately if a sick or wounded animal is in your yard or near your house! Even if the animal appears healthy it can be a threat. Males of any species can act aggressively if they are seeking out a potential mate. Young animals can become frightened if they become separated from their family group. The scenarios are endless. Don’t try to solve this problem by yourself. Call us! 920-912-5939

Our services include:

    • Inspect your property for damage
    • Identify the animal causing the damage
    • Determine the best approach to capture the animal
    • Provide you with ideas to limit repeat offenders

As our society moves away from rural lifestyles and towards an urban existence the conflict between man and animal becomes more alarming. For both parties. We can help mediate between you two and come to a Peaceful Solution!

 Our goal is to help you learn about your options when dealing with wild animals. The laws of our state allow us to act as your “agent” to cure the problem you are having. You can either download the form here, or I will have them with me when I arrive for the inspection. The form is an agreement between you and me. This form does not get submitted to anyone. It is a protection for ME in case someone notifies the Police or Game Warden that someone is putting animals in their truck.

Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085 | Phone: 920-912-5939 |jeff@sheboygananimalremoval.com

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